2/14th  25th Reunion, Branson, Missouri - 2011


2/14th  25th Reunion
Branson, Missouri,
October 13-16, 2011

We had a wonderful time in Branson and already looking forward to next year!  The men of 2/14 who attended where; Robert "Goody" Goodwin (Medic), Bob Doty (Medic), Steve "Andy" Andrews (Medic), Walter "Kangaroo" Widemond (Medic) and Steven Powers (Infantryman). We had 11 guests including myself and my husband, Danny.  The resort was great and the food was delicious, prepared by the ladies of the group and Goody!  Of course, we can not forget the wonderful job Steve Powers and Dennis Adams (my brother-in-law) did at the grill on Saturday night. 

The men shared lots of stories with each other and with all of us.  The brotherly love and bond I saw among these men was so heart warming.  Steve Andrews and Walter Widemond had not seen each other since Vietnam - they had lots of catching up to do.  

I was honored to be a part of this gathering and thank each one of them there for welcoming Danny and I into their family.  I hope more of you will be able to meet with us next year.  We will keep in touch with all of you.
God Bless and Keep each of you!  And soldiers, Thank You!
                                                               Barbara "Little Sister" Adams


Left to right:  Randy Goodwin (son of Robert "Goody" Goodwin), Danny Adams, Bob Doty (Medic), Steve "Andy" Andrews (Medic). George Walton (stepson of Robert "Goody" Goodwin), Robert "Goody" Goodwin (Medic), and Walter "Kangaroo" Widemond (Medic)


Steve Powers (Infantryman) and wife Tonya


Reunions:  Branson, Missouri  October 13-16, 2011
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