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    May The Bad Breaks Keep Plaguing Sergeant Bode
    December The Unseen Enemy in Rach Kien
    September 11 VC Base Camp Found
    September 11 Viet Cong Are Fooled Twice In Same Night
    December Drop Zone for Santa

    March 11

Dragons Find VC Rocket Cache

    April 8

'Golden Dragons' Uncover Rocket Cache

    April 8

'Golden Dragons' Find Huge Cache

    April 8

Photo - ID Check on Road Security


Golden Dragons Smash NVA Attack

    September 9

Kit Carson Catches 7 in One Hole


Nights Are for Slaying, Dragons Find


Old Mortars Never Die, They Just Fire Away


Photo - Bravo, Near Trung Lap


St. Charles and Dragons: A Grim Tale for VC



The Bad Breaks Keep Plaguing Sergeant Bode
May 1966 [Contributed by Vince Koers]

Sergeant First Class Robert Bode (KIA)      [By Bob Jones, Advertiser newspaper correspondent]  Trang Bang, Viet Nam - They wore dirty uniforms and had muddy feet, and most of them smelled bad.  They had more hard luck and bad breaks in 30 days than most units here experience in months.
     The 2nd Battalion of the 14th Infantry, known at Schofield Barracks as the "Golden Dragons," has come a long hard way since the days of training in the loolaus when the bullets weren't real.
     I was standing near a perimeter foxhole talking to SFC Robert R. Bode (pronounced Bo-dee) when an artillery registration round came crashing into the bamboo.  A piece of shrapnel sliced through one man's combat boot and imbedded itself in his toe.  Other bits went sailing through the aid station tent.   Nobody flinched, especially not platoon Sergeant Bode.  He once lost four men out of a squad when a friendly mortar round landed on his patrolling men and he's learned to take the mistakes with the same calm that he takes the successes.
     The bad breaks have kept plaguing Bode ever since he got in the war the first week of May.  Just a day earlier, his company  commander, Capt. William G. Norberg of Providence, R.I., died along with a PFC when a mine went off.   Then one of the outfit's best medics, PFC Thomas Lyle, got hit with a grenade and lost a leg.  Bode had to go looking for another doc to nurse his Third Platoon.  
     With a new company commander, they picked up and went back out on patrol.  A single burst from a VC automatic rifle killed the newest man in the company.  There was some argument whether the dead soldier's name was Oland, or Orland.  Finally it was decided that his name was misspelled on his uniform and his right name was Oland, David, Specialist Fourth Class.  Cause of death:  a bullet through the heart.
     1st Lt. John Otjen, the Third Platoon leader, has a hole in his M-16 rifle where a slug hit.  In fact, almost everyone has some memento of the war against invisible guerrillas.  "When we lost somebody in the platoon, it's just another day's business," Bode said.  "Like going to chow or anything else.   The men don't worry about it much anymore."
     The new Company A CO, Capt. George McQuillen (his brother is with the 35th Infantry of the 25th Division at Pleiku), is a little frustrated with the way the war has been going, but he doesn't let the men know it.  "These boys just go and go," he said.  "Then they see two good men blown to bits and there's nobody to shoot back at.  What they need is a good victory, to kill about 40 or 50 VC."   Such a victory is unlikely in the place where the Golden Dragons have been ordered.   Fighting VC are scarce.  Snipers are not.
     We sat down to eat.  There was hot roast beef flown in from the base camp at Cu Chi.  There was plenty of shade, too.  Then the old story.   First there were four sniper shots that sent some of us diving, food and all, behind the closet cover.  Usually there's no need to duck because the sniper already has picked his target, and if you don't feel the bullet hit you, you're probably safe.   This day the sniper had PFC Dougals Pagett in his sights.  One bullet creased Pagett's helmet, another hit him in the thigh.  Pagett had been sitting in a jeep carrying a 106mm recoilless rifle.  Two medics came up to get him as the Third Platoon threw out cover fire in the direction the shots had come from.  Fire team chief Sgt. Rodney Namauu of Hilo had his men rake a treeline with rifle fire and M-79 gun-launched grenades with unknown results.  "Most of the men really don't understand what they are doing here," Bode said with a shrug of his bulky shoulders.   "I try to explain it as best I can.  But the trugh is that most of them have never even seen a Charlie (VC)."
     Still, the Golden Dragons keep going.  They've got a year to serve in Viet Nam and it doesn't do much good to complain.  Once, Capt. McQuillen watched as a recon jeep in front of him hit a mine and hurled the occupants high in the air.  None of them was seriously injured.  "It's going to be a long grind," is all he said.  Troops that feel like chucking it all and asking for a transfer to another outfit get a healthy morale boost, however, when they think of their wounded medic, Lyle.  Lying in a hospital here with one leg amputated and the other in bade shape, Lyle told Sgt. Bode during a recent visit:  "If I can just hop around on this one stump, I want to get back with my platoon."
     [SFC Bode, 41, an Army veteran of 15 years, was killed in action July 6th, 1966, shot in the chest by small arms fire near Trang Bang.  Killed in the same action were SP4 William Mindach, PFC's Riley Jermany, Gary Machado, and James Richardson]

The Unseen Enemy in Rach Kien
December 1966 [Contributed by James Huskey, HHC, 66-67]

     Twelve men of the 2nd Bn, 14th Inf. lay quietly, hardly daring to breath, in a dark rice paddy.  A Viet Cong squad moved slowly towards them.  The enemy was screened by the late evening darkness and by the tall rice stems growing from the watery fields near the village of Rach Kien.  The "Golden Dragons" lay motionless until a grenade exploded them into action.  SSgt. Scottie R. King, of Greenville, Tenn., had thrown that grenade, the signal to spring a well-planned ambush.
     Blast after blast of rifle and hand grenades hit the fleeing enemy as they scurried for cover -- too far to be reached.  Soon the shooting ceased and the field lay deathly quiet.  It was all over, or so they thought.
     "I sent six men to secure the road to our rear.  The other six stayed behind to protect their movement," recounted Sgt. King.   "Then the road was secured and the rest of us began our withdrawal.  We had just begun to move when our last man in position caught a glimpse of two running across our ambush site."
     The remaining ambusher opened fire with his rifle and downed one of the enemy.  Turning, Sgt. King also spotted one and opened fire with his weapon.   Both VC fell into the murky water and disappeared.  The fighting had ended for the night.  It had been a successful mission for the weary men of the Golden Dragons and now they could return to the battalion area for a late cup of coffee, small talk and a few hours of sleep before they would again be called upon to go into the fields of Rach Kien to fight the unseen enemy.

2/14th Patrolling in Rice Paddies
'Tropic Lightning' Stalks Reds in the Paddies
Members of the 25th Inf. "Tropic Lightning" Division's 2d Bn., 14th Inf., cross
water-filled rice paddies during a recent search and destroy mission.


VC Base Camp Found
September 1967 [Contributed by Robert Harmon, HHC, 67-68]

     Led by a 47 year-old Viet Cong detainee, 25th Div engineers and infantrymen with ARVN elements located and destroyed an enemy base camp 11 Kms north of Saigon in Binh Duong Province.  Co. C, 65th Cbt Eng Bn, and Co A, 2d Bn, 14th Inf working with elements of the 7th ARVN Regiment  began the three-day operation August 22.  The 2,000 square meter complex was situated in the thick jungle undergrowth of a swamp two miles east of the Saigon River.  The 2d Bn with an ARVN company, who made a sweep through the general area a week before, found evidence of the base camp.  According to CPT Joel A. Brown, 2d Bn Intelligence officer from San Antonio, Tex., ground and air reconnaissance indicated that the base camp was capable of handling a battalion size Viet Cong force.  "After moving into the area, we found the camp set up for rest, resupply and maintenance", he said.   Engineer demolition crews and supporting elements were brought in by helicopter and with the detainee started the search and destroy operation.  "The Viet Cong proved to be quite cooperative," says 1LT Thomas J. Edgerton, engineer platoon leader, "and he certainly seemed to know his way around.  He pointed out hundreds of well camouflaged bunkers most of which were well built and reinforced with heavy timber."  Edgerton stated that 50,000 pounds of explosives were used to destroy the complex.

Engineers destroy enemy bunkers
A Plumber's Dream -- Engineers and infantrymen from
the 25th Inf Div assemble Bangalor Torpedoes used for
destroying enemy bunkers that were found in a base camp
in Binh Duong Province, 11 Kms north of Saigon.  A Viet
Cong detainee led the soldiers to the base camp.  Photo by
SP4 James O'Neil


Viet Cong Fooled Twice In Same Night
September 1967 [Contributed by Robert Harmon, HHC, 67-68]

     On two recent occasions the Viet Cong were forced to deal with a "necessary evil" in the form of ambushes set up by 2Lt Douglas Necessary, a platoon leader from the 25th Inf Div.   During the first patrol, the men of Co A, 2d Bn, 14th Inf, set up an "L" ambush position along a trail that the VC were known to use frequently.  After a short wait, three guerrillas came down the path, and when they entered the killing zone the ambush was sprung.  All three VC were killed and their weapons captured.   The second ambush occurred the next night alongside a hedgerow.  A Viet Cong patrol of approximately 30 men was almost in the ambush site when one guerrilla suddenly tossed a grenade into the American position, apparently to insure the area was clear.   The GI's immediately opened up and after a long fire fight in which artillery and gunships were employed, succeeded in routing the VC.  A sweep of the area in the morning revealed one enemy body.


PFC Orville Painter hopes for Santa

DROP ZONE FOR SANTA -- Pfc. Orville Painter, 22, of
Modesto, Calif., leans out of his bunker to hang his Christmas
stocking.  He jokingly pointed to the sky and said, "Santa Claus
will assault from there."  Painter is with C. Co., 2nd Bn., 14th Inf.,
25th Inf. Div., at Ka Tum, 50 miles northwest of Saigon
[S&S Photo by John Olson]


Dragons Find VC Rocket Cache
March 11, 1968 [Contributed by J. Michael Bell, Delta, 67-68, who also photographed the original
pictures below]

1ST BDE – A cache of 107mm Chinese Communist rockets which had been haunting the personnel at Tay Ninh base camp was discovered by the 25th Inf Div’s 2nd Bn, 14th Inf
”Golden Dragons” on a recent reconnaissance in force operation near Tay Ninh.
     1Lt Douglas H. Necessary, the battalion intelligence officer, said, “The rockets were initially reported as an unknown high explosive type.  Our investigation proved the rounds to be unlike any others recovered in this area and samples were evacuated for further study.”
     The spin stabilized rockets were a part of a large ammunition supply dump uncovered by the Golden Dragons while searching for the Viet Cong who were firing rockets into their base camp during the night.  In addition to 67 of these type rockets, 102 81mm mortar rounds and 30 RPG-2 rounds were found.

NEW VC AMMO – A member of the 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, holds one of the new 107mm rockets being used by the VC in Tay Ninh Province.  The projectile measures 30 inches long, 4 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 60 pounds.
FUZE  ASSEMBLY – Members of the battalion examine the fuze of a 107mm rocket.  The “Golden Dragons” uncovered 67 of these plus 102 81mm mortar rounds and 30 RPG-2 rounds.

[Photos By SP4 Jerry Bell]



'Golden Dragons' Uncover Rocket Cache
April 8, 1968 [Contributed by Dairl Eddington, Bravo Co., 67-68]

     1ST BDE -- Elements of the 25th Inf Div searching through the HoBo Woods, found 12 complete 122mm rockets hidden near the Saigon River 64 kms northwest of Saigon.  Infantrymen of the 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, uncovered the enemy artillery after an air strike exposed a tunnel entrance.  "A passageway extended about 30 feet from the entrance and led to a small exit," said SP4 James H. Cook.  "There were rockets all over the room," the Troutman, N.C., rifleman added.
     The troops, under the operational control of the 2nd Bde during the opening days of Operation Quyet Thang, evacuated the rockets to the division base camp at Cu Chi.  "The rockets were broken down into three parts and some of the pieces were in canvas bags," stated PFC Daniel J. Langley of Molina, Fla.   "The largest sections were the rocket motors.  They were leaning against the walls of the room," said PSG Franklyn S. Weisgerber of Bradenton, Fla.   Warheads and detonators were stacked along the passageway.  We were real careful in evacuating them," the platoon sergeant said.

COL Raymond Miller, CO of the 2nd Bde, examines one of the 12 122mm rockets captured.  [Photo by 1LT Bruce Burton]
WEAPONS  CACHE – PFC Larry Atchley (left) and SGT Michael Autry examine RPG-2's found in a large cache by Co B, 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, on a reconnaissance in force operation in the HoBo Woods.  [Photo by SP4 Marty Caldwell]



SSG Daniel Ireland checks ID card
ROUTINE CHECK -- SSG Daniel Ireland examines identification card of a suspect.  The 25th Inf Div's 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, ws on a reconnaissance-in-force operation near Tay Ninh.  [Photo by SP4 Marty Caldwell]


'Golden Dragons' Find Huge Cache
April 8, 1968 [Contributed by Dairl Eddington, Bravo Co., 67-68]

WEAPONS CACHE -- PFC Larry Atchley (left) and SGT Michael Autry examine RPG-2's found in a large cache by Co B, 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, on a reconnaissance in force operation in the Ho Bo Woods.  [Photo By SP4 Marty Caldwell]

     1ST BDE -- A 25th Inf Div rifle company reported uncovering a massive enemy weapons cache containing enough arms to outfit a reinforced enemy company.  Bravo Co of the 1st Bde's 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, located the weapons in two underground vaults while searching along a creek bed in the Filhol Plantation, 48 kms northwest of Saigon.  According to LTC Alfred M. Bracy of Petersburg,LTC Bracy, 2/14th Battalion Commander Va., battalion commander, the "Dragons" had met heavy enemy resistance while trying to move into the area the day before during a 2nd Bde reconnaissance mission.
     Searching the area the next morning, PFC Larry R. Atchley discovered the first of two tunnels containing the weapons.  SP4 William E. Darnell, a tunnel rat from Goshen, Ind., had crawled a few yards into the passageway when he came upon a small room.  "I couldn't believe my eyes," Darnell stated.   "The room contained 38 AK-50 assault rifles, 30 SKS-model carbines and 348 magazines for the assault rifles."
     In a second vault about 30 meters away, Sgt. Michael K. Autry of Modesto, Calif., found 203 82mm mortar rounds, 36 RPG-2 rockets, 192 canned fuses for mortars and 50 mortar charges.
     Among both caches, the Golden Dragons captured two 30-caliber machine guns, a Browning Automatic Rifle, four carbines, an RPG-2 rocket launcher, an 82mm mortar, a 60mm mortar, 103 hand grenades, 250 pounds of explosives and 35 pounds of documents.

[Above] LTC Bracy, 2/14 CO,  talks to pilot who extracted the rifles and mortars.

Rows of captured weapons

There were enough weapons to outfit an enemy company.  [Photos by SP4 Caldwell]

Rows of captured mortar rounds


Golden Dragons Smash NVA Attack
Fall 1968 [Contributed by Ralph T. Lemme, Bravo Co., 68-69]

     1ST BDE -- Set up in a routine night ambush, a 2d Battalion, 14th Infantry, platoon had only a familiar radio message to warn them of impending danger.  "The battalion S-2 called us about 10 p.m. and said he had information that an NVA force of at least 80 men was going to hit and attempt to overrun us that night," said First Lieutenant D.J. Gillespie of Mt. Morris, Mich., leader of the 3d Platoon, Company D.  The feeling of expectancy ran high among the men, and as Private First Class Duane Athey of St. Louis, Mo., stated:   "I think we all knew something was going to happen because by dark all the women and children had moved out of the village."
     The platoon manned their positions and silently waited for anything and everything.  Only 20 minutes after the radioed alert, the platoon received half of what they awaited -- everything.  RPG's and mortars fell like rain; Gillespie said it was the most he had seen in any attack.  The men's flak jackets and steel pots had their work cut out for them.  A thin bamboo curtain prevented several RPG's from penetrating the perimeter.  As spontaneous as the barrage had begun, it ceased.  But there was no lull in the fighting; the enemy immediately opened up on the American positions with .30 and .51 caliber machine guns.  Three hootches and a haystack within the perimeter were set afire by RPG rounds, and the blazing light marked the heart of the enemy's target.  "It was a good thing we weren't in the hootches," remarked Sergeant Art Helmer of East Herkimer, N.Y.  "They (NVA) must have figured half of us would be killed in the initial burst, and they would cut down the other half when we came running out."
     The illumination from the leaping flames proved to be more of a disadvantage to the enemy as the company-sized force launched an attack on the platoon's perimeter.  The enemy had silhouetted themselves in the open area.  The Golden Dragons, outnumbered four to one, responded with fierce automatic fire, and reacted as human catapults whipping fragmentation grenades at the attackers.  As the close contact raged on the NVA regulars continued to move closer to the GI's.  "I was calling in on the radio for gunships," said Gillespie, "and just a few meters in front of us a mocking voice began yelling back, "Where is your gunships GI?"
     During the battle, the small group of defenders saw at least 30 of the enemy drop in front of them.  Above the din of the fighting, NVA officers were seen and heard talking on radios.  "We kept hearing this one guy yelling the same thing over and over out in front of us," said Sergeant Herb Lapidus of North Bergen, N.J.  "So we threw some hand frags at him.  Then he was quiet for the rest of the night.  We thought he was a wounded officer trying to organize an assault."
     When the NVA forces finally realized that the relentless Dragons were not about to withdraw, they pulled back and fired RPG's and M-79's at the impenetrable wall of defenders.  "Each man was down to his last magazine or less when a call came over the radio.  The 2d Platoon of Company D gave their position as 150 meters to the north and moving in.  The combined force beat back the diminishing NVA company.
     A sweep through the area the following morning revealed the ox carts used to supply the communist troops with ammunition and weapons.  Four enemy bodies were left behind the fleeing NVA, and a massive blood slick floating on top the rice paddy water gave evidence to much heavier enemy losses.


Kit Carson Catches 7 in One Hole
September 15, 1969 by SP4 Frank Ditto [Contributed by 1Lt. James L. Weaver, Bravo/Echo Co., 69-70]

SSG William Talada     CU CHI -- A 2d Brigade Kit Carson scout with a reputation like a bloodhound's for sniffing out the enemy recently uncorked a hole containing seven NVA soldiers in the southern portion of the Ho Bo Woods.  Phan Van Chung, Bravo Company Scout for the 2d Battalion, 14th Infantry, almost single-handedly tracked down and captured the men.  The Golden Dragons acted as a blocking force for a company from the 2d Battalion, 49th ARVN Regiment, during the morning.  After completing this mission, Bravo started a sweep through the same area the ARVN troops had searched.  As the point element moved past a bomb crater, Chung noticed fresh footprints.  He alerted two GIs behind him.  The three men followed the footprints around a large clump of brush.  On the far side of the bushes, Chung uncovered a trap door to a bunker.  While Golden Dragons pulled security, Chung and Staff Sergeant William Talada, Sayre, Pa., opened the bunker entrance.   Chung shouted into the hideout and fired three rounds into the entrance.   Again he shouted orders into the bunker and followed with a second burst from him M-16.  Suddenly, NVA soldiers began to pop out of the ground.  When the bunker was cleared, six NVA soldiers and ARVN and Sgt. Charles Wilsonone Viet Cong squad leader had emerged.  Chung went into the bunker and found four AK-47s, numerous ponchos, over 40 pounds of clothing, cooking utensils, two NVA canteens, one flashlight and five Chicom grenades.  The VC squad leader indicated to an ARVN interrogator that the NVA regiment of which they were a part was waiting only 2,000 meters away.  These seven captives represented a total of fifteen prisoners uncovered by Phan Van Chung in the past two months alone.  In addition to them, Chung has also discovered several weapons and food caches during the same period.

ABOVE -- Handling part of the captured goods up from the bunker, a Golden Dragon trooper fights ants and mud.  Staff Sergeant William Talada, Sayre, Pa., takes an NVA helmet from Private First Class David Shaw of Travis AFB, Calif.
RIGHT -- Searching through 40 pounds of clothing, weapons and utensils, Fire Brigade Golden Dragons are aided by a member of the intelligence squad 49th ARVN Regiment.   Sergeant Charles Wilson, Cleveland, holds one of the five Chicom grenades found.    [Photos by SP4 Frank Ditto]


Nights Are for Slaying, Dragons Find
Fall 1969 By SP4 Frank Ditto [Contributed by 1Lt. James L. Weaver, Bravo/Echo Co., 69-70]

     CU CHI -- Cu Chi – John! John! Watch out!
     Big John Herrin, alert, had opened up on a 30-man enemy force.   For the fourth time in two nights, Bravo Co., 2d Battalion, 14th Infantry, had sprung an ambush.  Working out of Forward Patrol Base Hunsley in the southern portion of the Ho Bo Woods, a patrol from Bravo Company was moving south into So Noi I shortly after dusk.  The patrol’s pointman, Specialist 4 John Herrin of Marquez, Tex., reached the trail on which the patrol was to set up its ambush. Sergeant Wayne Hort of Danville, Pa., moved back to alert the rest of the company that their ambush site was close by.
     Suddenly, the three men of the point element opened up with everything they had. Instantly the rest of the patrol reacted and moved up on line to provide supporting fire.
     "As I swung my starlight scope around and looked up the trail, all I could see were NVA coming toward me," recalled Specialist 4 Charles Doyle of Scarsdale, N.Y. "They were humped over and moving out at double time. I hollered at John to alert him, but before I got the warning out of my mouth, he opened up with his M-16 and as soon as he started firing I opened up with mine."  Doyle added: "I was so scared all I could think about was, what am I doing walking with the point element with only 72 days left in country?"
     During five straight nights FPB Hunsley recorded 29 sightings of enemy movement, all of them within 1500 meters of the perimeter. Some of the enemy groups were as large as 80 men.  The NVA forces came out of the Ho Bo Woods and moved into So Noi I, always traveling the same road and usually first appearing about 7:30 p.m.   For three nights, the enemy movement was engaged by 81mm mortars from the Bravo Dragon’s mortar platoon, the battalion’s Echo Company 4.2-inch mortar section and two 105mm artillery pieces of B Battery, 1st Battalion, 8th Artillery, all located at Hunsley. In addition, artillery support was called in from 1/8 and 3rd Battalion, 13th Artillery batteries at Fire Support Patton II and Fire Support Base Devin.  Light fire teams plus other available air support came to aid the attacks on enemy forces, but after the third night a decision was made to send more infantrymen out to set up ambushes.  On the fourth night, Bravo Company sprang three ambushes, one of these on an estimated 20-man force.  The Bravo Bandits struck again the fifth night, getting help from flare ships and light fire teams after surprising a 30-man enemy element.  The confirmed body count of 23 probably didn’t tell even half


Old Mortars Never Die, They Just Fire Away
Fall 1969 [Contributed by 1Lt. James L. Weaver, Bravo/Echo Co., 69-70]

     CU CHI -- There is a famous trite expression about old soldiers fading away. But what about old mortar tubes?
     Echo Company, 2d Battalion, 14th Infantry recently retired one of its 4.2-inch mortars.  The gun was located at Fire Support Base Patton II. The last round was sent on its way by Specialists 4 Robert Redmond of Mobile, Ala., and Gerald Anderson of Pepin, Wis. They were assisted by Privates First Class John Staige of Minneapolis, Minn., and Alfred Haraguchi of Hilo, Hawaii.
     The tube’s last "Fire Mission" was called on a bright sunny morning as the gunner dropped the 20,000th round down the tube. The round was on its way and another vital piece of equipment had expended its life span.   "In accordance with Army regulations, the gun had to be retired after 20,000 rounds had been fired from it," said First Sergeant John R. Putman of Willingboro, N.J.  "We have been firing this gun since August of 1968. It took a little more than a full year to fire the maximum," said Putman.

20,000 round is fired from mortar
THERE SHE GOES -- As the "2" on the 20,000th round disappears into the retiring
4.2-inch mortar tube, Specialist 4 Gerald Anderson of Pepin, Wis., reaches for his ears
to protect them from the blast.  Private First Class John Staige of Minneapolis, Minn.,
and Specialist 4 Robert Redmond of Mobile, Ala., are already preapred. 
[Photo by SP4 Frank Ditto]


1Lt Charles R. Viale, stream near Trung Lap
NEED A LIFT? -- First Lieutenant
Charles R. Viale of Sebastoph, Calif., offers
a helping hand to Specialist 4 Harold
Gravely of St. Clair, Mich., as Bravo
Company, 2d Battalion, 14th Infantry
crosses a canal while sweeping northeast
of Trung Lap. [Photo by SP4 Dan Zaldivar]


St. Charles and Dragons: A Grim Tale for VC
Allies Nail 17 in Ho Bo 
[Contributed by 1Lt. James L. Weaver, Bravo/Echo Co., 69-70]

     CU CHI -- Men from Bravo and Charlie Companies of the Fire Brigade Golden Dragons combined forces with Stinger gunships, the Air Force and the 3rd Company of the 2nd Battalion, 49th ARVN Regiment recently to kill 17 Viet Cong holed up in the Ho Bo Woods.  From the time Charlie Company eagle-flighted into a hot landing zone until it was picked up once again, it was an action-packed day.  Many spider holes were uncovered, one containing the body of a female Viet Cong.  The Bravo infantrymen swept into an adjacent area and came across a well-camouflaged and fortified bunker complex that proved to be an enemy R & R center.  "There was even a makeshift picnic table," said Private First Class Mike Bartosch of Waterloo, Mich.  Several Viet Cong were routed out of one spider hole given away by a freshly-cut tree stump.  The three-company operation was an attempt to clear the area of possible enemy staging points.  [By SP4 Ray Byrne]



Index of all Tropic Lightning News references
to the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment in Vietnam

Issue Date Description of Contents
May 6 1st Brigade completes its move to Vietnam, includes 2/14th
May 14 Brigade's first days at Cu Chi - mentions 2/14th killing first VC
  Story and photos of Brigade's move to Vietnam - mentions 2/14
May 27 2/14th finds 30 tons of rice, distributed to Vietnamese
June 10 Bulletin:  Lt. Col. Calvin P. Titus, USA, Ret. dies in California - 2/14th Medal of Honor recipient
June 17 Operation "Wahiawa" - 2/14 finds 60-ton rice cache
July 1 Operation "Fort Smith" - 2/14 captures ten Viet Cong
  Photos:  Operation "Fort Smith" - three 2/14 photos in page 4 spread
July 8 Water buffalo attacks 2/14th patrol
  2/14th MEDCAP treats 350 in An Binh northwest of Cu Chi
July 22 2LT Dale R. Crafton receives Silver Star, 6 from Bravo Co. receive Bronze Stars
  Photo:  MG Fred C. Weyand decorates 2LT Dale Crafton
  Operation "Fort Smith" - 2/14th works with villagers
  Working with 3/4 Cav, 1/5th Mech, discover bomb factory
  Surveillance tower being built for 2/14th by 65th Engineer Bn.
July 29 Photo:  Lt. Col. William E. Davis takes command of 2/14th from Lt. Col. John M. Schultz
August 5 2/14th destroys Viet Cong tunnels
August 19 Photo:  Patrol walks on rice paddy dike during Operation "Koko Head"
August 26 Photo:  2/14th mortar team fires at Viet Cong
September 2 2/14 Kills 7 Viet Cong in one-hour battle
  Photo:  Sergeant Major Szafranski farewell
  Sergeant Major Szafranski leaves 25th
September 9 Photo:  William Donovon attaches load to Huey
September 16 Photo:  Operation "Mokuleia" - soldier checks for mines
  Page 4-5 story and photos of 25th Division expanding reach beyond Cu Chi - mentions 2/14
  Photo:  Soldier checks out trench near Tay Ninh
  Viet Cong attack Charlie Co. perimeter - two days of action
September 23 Photo:  Patrol during Operation "Oahu" near Tay Ninh
September 30 2/14th 'Battle Dragon' gets Purple Heart
  Photo:  2/14th marches toward USNS General Walker for ride to Vietnam
  Photo:  Charlie Co. patrol near Tay Ninh
October 7 279-ton rice cache discovered in Operation "Kamuela"
  Photo:  Soldier inspecting rice cache near Tay Ninh
October 14 Story of SP4 Richard MacMaster helping Vietnamese girl attend school
  Charlie Co. squad dukes it out with Viet Cong squad
  Bravo Co. captures 558,000 pounds of rice after shootout
October 21 Photo:  Medic treats wounded man
  2/14 Ends Operation "Kamuela" with 13 Viet Cong dead
  Storing captured rice for distribution to Vietnamese villagers
October 28 196th Inf story mentions 2/14th Operation "Kamuela"
  2/14 Participates in 3/4 Cav sweep and assault
  Tropic Flashes:  Weekly news of the battalion
November 4 Recon Platoon hits Viet Cong twice in the same place
  Tropic Flashes:  Weekly news of the battalion
  Lt. Col. William E. Davis, in C&C ship, aids crashed Vietnamese pilot
November 18 Sgt. Ralph M. Graff earns Silver Star during shootout with Viet Cong
December 2 2/14th Participates in Operation "Attleboro", on day of largest number of chopper sorties
  1Lt. Dale R. Crafton - poster boy for Infantry OCS
December 16 Mortar platoon answers the call with "Fire Mission"
  Tropic Flashes:  Weekly news of the battalion
  "Dragons" need help of 7/11th Artillery
December 23 Tropic Flashes:  Weekly news of the battalion
December 30 Tropic Flashes:  Weekly news of the battalion
January 20 Tropic Flashes:  Weekly news of the battalion
  8-man bunker fills during mortar attack on Rach Kien
February 27 Tropic Flashes:  Weekly news of the battalion
March 13 Photos:  Six photos of 2/14th troops in Rach Kien
March 20 25th Division Luau for Maj. Gen. Weyand, story mentions SFC Herbert Maria
April 10 Senator Harry F. Byrd Jr. (Dem) has lunch with 2/14th
May 1 2/14 Finds large weapons cache southwest of Saigon
  Photo:  Some of weapons found in cache
  Seven re-enlist with 2/14th
  Photo:  More of the weapons found in cache
May 8 Photo and story:  Weapons cache found while on Operation "Manhattan"
  Finding Viet Cong graves during Operation "Manhattan"
May 29 Story about Operation "Manhattan" mentions 2/14th
June 4 Page 4-5 Photo spread of 2/14th on Sweep and Clear operation
  Ambush patrol makes contact in the Boi Loi Woods near Tay Ninh
  Lt. Col. James Von K. Ladd takes command of 2/14th from LTC Charles A. Gilles
June 19 Three "Golden Dragons" get lucky
June 26 Charlie Co. ambushes Viet Cong patrol, killing two
  "Dragons" lose to "Untouchables" 7-0 in softball
July 10 2/14th Conducts MEDCAP in Bau Tram
  2/14th MEDCAP helps girl recover her sight
  Charlie Co. soldiers ambush Viet Cong from a sampan
  Photo:  Chaplain brings services to 2/14th
July 17 2/14th Medic SP4 George Frimel meets brother Greg
  Monkey shadows ambush patrol
  Photo:  Wounded "Dragon" is carried to medevac
  Alpha Co. ambush patrol ambushes Viet Cong
  Photo and story:  What sort of man reads Tropic Lightning News - SP4 Frank Tomek
  Photo:  Men lie in flooded paddy during air strike
July 24 Photo:  Troops take cover during air strike
  Ambush patrol attacks road-mining crew
  Four-man listening post bags Viet Cong in night action
August 7 Bravo trooper discovers weapons cache by accident
August 14 SSG James Convoy examines Viet Cong document
  Patrol ambushes Viet Cong column, kills two
August 21 With help of FAC, 2/14th jeep patrol gets Cong
  Photo:  SP4 Timothy Bodecker enters tunnel opening
August 28 Photo:  SSG Warner Orlandi walks with Vietnamese girl
  Lt. Col. James Ladd recognizes peddler as Viet Cong and apprehends him
  "Dragon" help wounded girl after Viet Cong attack
September 4 2/14th work with Popular Force and Regular Army Vietnamese units
  Photo:  SP4 Dennis M. Swan with ARVN soldier
September 11 PFC John Miles fights way back to Charlie Co.
  Alpha Co. finds Viet Cong base camp
  Photo:  Assembling Bangalor Torpedoes to destroy bunkers
  Alpha Co. ambush hits Viet Cong two nights in a row
  SSG Warner Orlandi works as advisor in Vinh Cu
  Photos:  Several photos of SSG Orlandi and the village of Vinh Cu
  Photo:  Detainee shows interpreter location of tunnels
September 18 Handler reunites with dog after being shot in ambush
  Photo:  "Duke" with his wounded handler PFC David Manger
  New arrivals prepare for in-country training
  Paryer paper stops bullet
  Helmet saves "Dragon" from sniper's bullet
September 25 14th Infantry Routes Cong from Lowlands
  Photos:  Page 4-5 spread of 2/14th in action near Saigon River
October 2 Viet Cong command post uncovered in Binh Duong Province
October 9 Photo:  Offering a hand to climb up bank (3rd photo down)
October 23 Chaplain rushes benediction due to mortars
  Photo:  "Dragons" commandeer bicycles
  Charlie Co. discovers buried weapons using punji sticks
  SSG Donald Glover gets war trophy - Chicom carbine
  Weapons cache uncovered in Ho Bo Woods with help of 27th Land Clearing Team
October 30 King Cobra visits "Dragons" in their bunker
  SSG Jorge Quinones is hit - or is he?
  Photo:  Medics Bob Gillick (L) and Neal Riggs (R) help wounded comrade
November 6 Charlie Co. enters fortified enemy hamlet, removes booby traps
  Photo:  Checking enemy washing machine
  Warning signs for booby traps, "Dragons" ambush Viet Cong
  Search Team finds bodies of mortar team
November 13 25th Aviation Bn. gunships help break up Viet Cong attack
November 20 3/4 Cav Gunship rescues wounded "Dragon"
  Photo:  Sgt Camille R. Saucier wades through stream in Ho Bo Woods
November 27 Photo:  Sgt. Dennis C. Ingram and PFC Earl Hamilton cross stream
  Photo:  RTO hides from the sun
December 11 Helping build raft for isolated farmers
  2/14th provides protection in land clearing operation
  "Dragon" walks into hidden foot snare, ends upside down
  Photo:  SP5 Gordon L. Vick holds captured Viet Cong bow
  Lt. Col. Alfred Bracy takes command of 2/14th from LTC James Von K. Ladd
December 25 Story of Operation "Barking Sands" mentions 2/14th participation
January 1 Cobra startles soldiers investigating underground weapons cache
  Photo:  Charlie Co. mortar crew in action
  Alpha Co. soldier left behind on night ambush
January 8 Photo:  Recon platoon photo - crossing stream
January 15 Web gear saves life of SP4 Gerald Mitchell
January 22 Photo:  Two men in ravine (next to last photo on page)
February 5 Captured NVA soldier has communication problem
February 12 "Dragons" kill 27 in Operation "Yellowstone"
  25th Scout Dog story mentions 2/14th incident
February 19 Sniper's bullet ignites 2/14th smoke grenade
March 4 2/14 Soldiers start their own laundry
  Capture two ox carts and put them to use
  "Dragons" build Katum's 'Hawaiian Village'
  Photo:  Two men slosh through tall grass near Katum
March 11 Dragons find VC rocket cache
  Photos of rockets
  Dragons find enemy base camp, interrupt dinner
  Two sergeants hit in helmet
  Soc bites Dale Burmeister
March 18 2/14 Participates in large operation near Tay Ninh
  Delta Co. mascot is pigeon
March 25 2/14 Participates in Operation "Resolved to Win", largest of war to date
  Photo:  Captured mortars
  Delta Co. discovers mortar tube
  2/14 Participates in Operation "Resolved to Win"
April 8 Photo:  SSG Daniel Ireland checks identification card
  Pages 4-5 Story and photo spread of 2/14th
  2/14th Discovers cache of 122mm rockets
  Photos:  Weapons cache uncovered by Bravo Co.
  2/14th Searches Viet Cong base camp
  Bravo Co. uncovers large weapons cache after heavy enemy resistance
  Photos:  Pictures of huge weapons cache uncovered by Bravo Co.
April 15 Bravo Co. in heavy fighting near Trang Bang
  Charlie Co. kicks off heavy fighting, other forces brought in, 87 Viet Cong killed
  Photos:  Two photos taken after the fighting
  Bravo Co. becomes "Bravo Bandidos"
April 22 More reports of the heavy fighting near Trang Bang
  Night ambush nets one captured, with weapon
  Bravo Co. ambush kills seven NVA in Ho Bo Woods
  Mortar round makes direct hit on 2/14 bunker
  "Dragons" use haystack as "smoke grenade"
April 29 Charlie Co. in 4-hour battle - kills 137 VC in Tay Ninh City
  Photos: Page 4 spread of "Dragons" in action
May 6 Operation Quyet Thang - Dragons find large caches and help defeat NVA battalion
  Photo: Kit Carson scout helps feed M-60
  Bull fight near Hoc Mon - Bull 1, Dragons 0
  "Coach" Holbrook calls the plays in bunker line assault
May 20 Charlie Co. ambush gets sampan, AK-50 rifles, ammo and rice
June 3 Charlie Co. finds rice cache near Saigon River
  2Lt William M. Turk discovers two ammunition caches in three days
  History of the 2/14th
June 10 Kit Carson scout captures three Viet Cong
  Alpha Co. uncovers enemy kitchen
  Photo:  Enemy pots and pans, Sgt. Charles R. Pearson in tunnel entrance
  Photo:  2/14th soldiers leave landing zone
June 17 Two-day battle nets 17 enemy dead
  Yellow smoke grenade into tunnel "paints" Viet Cong
  Delta Co. finds cache in riverbank on Operation "Toan Thang"
  Photo:  Recoilless rifle cartridges found in cache
  Forward observer with 2/14th makes direct hit on rocket position
June 24 Page 4-5 Story and photo spread of Vo Van Nam, Kit Carson, killed in action
  Story of Kit Carson Vo Van Nam
  Alpha Co. discover underground aid station
  Charlie Co. sets up ambush in middle of Viet Cong base camp
July 1 Sgt. Robert J. Schmokel saves life of drowning man
  2/14th captures two weapons caches
  Tax collector meets up with 2/14th
  Delta Co. takes on Viet Cong base camp in Operation "Toan Thang"
July 15 Photo:  SP4 Bryon Longero in the mud
July 22 Distinguished Service Cross goes to SSG Daniel L. Ireland, Charlie Co.
  Photo:  SP4 Milton L. Welch on sweep
  Photo:  PFC Louid J. Maccouax carries 90mm recoilless rifle
  Photo:  SSG Daniel L. Ireland at awards ceremony
  Awards citation for SSG Daniel L. Ireland medal
July 29 Six-hour firefight for Alpha Co.
August 5 On first ambush, PFC Fred Lee spots VC
  Charlie Co. finds AK-47s, RPGs in cache
  Page 4-5 spread features Golden Dragons
  Larry Weist photos - A, C, D, Weapons vets
  Farmer gives Alpha Co an AK-47 he found
August 12 Photo:  PFC James Bolin keeps his head above water
  Night ambush leads to enemy captures
  Photo:  Kit Carson scout at tunnel entrance
August 19 Delta Co. finds weapons cache
  Photo:  1Lt. Robert Miller crosses stream on rope
August 26 Photo:  PFC Patrick Finnegan, Sgt. Willard Arntz handle captured ammo
  Large weapons cache located by Charlie Co.
  Photo:  Crossing deep stream
  Lone chopper extracts 2/14th company
  Explosives cache recovered by 2/14th
September 2 2/14th Frees three hostages from the Viet Cong
  Chieu Hoi directs "Dragons" to weapons cache
  Photos:  Three photos of men recovering large weapons cache
September 9 Charlie Co. captures two Viet Cong and cache of rockets
September 16 Photo:  Sgt. Arthur Brookfield and SP4 David Shelton cross stream
  Bravo Co. sweeps into ammunition cache
September 23 Ba Bep and Phu Cuong bridges protected by 2/14th
  Chieu Hoi tip nabs seven Viet Cong
  Photo:  Crossing a stream
  SP4 Robert Smith searches sampan and discovers rice cache
  Delta Co. faces NVA attack and wins
September 30 2/14th Mentioned in story of Division's activities for the year
October 28 Alpha Co. discovers large rice cache
  Photo:  SP4 Gerald Charles carrying the M-60
  Photo:  SP4 Morales Roosevelt searches
November 11 Ground attack on FSB Keene
  Photo and story:  PFC Archie Turner, Jr., added to Tropic Lightning Combat Honor Roll
  Charlie Co. sweep turns up Viet Cong fishermen
November 18 Water buffalo challenges "Dragons", loses
  Tip from Chieu Hoi leads to large weapons cache
  Photos:  Weapons cache found by 2/14th
  Photo:  Kit Carson scout finds weapon
November 25 Photo and story:  SP4 Leroy Zube added to Tropic Lightning Combat Honor Roll
December 9 Photo:  SP4 Jerry Forguhar in the water
  Photo:  Smoke ship covers approach of 2/14th
  Photo and story:  Sgt. John J. Doran added to Tropic Lightning Combat Honor Roll
  Photo:  Cpt. William Phelps coaxes Viet Cong to surrender
  FSB Keene gets showers
  Photo:  2/14th troops using showers
December 16 2/14th Mess receives "Best Mess" award
December 23 2/14th Helps rebuild road
  Photo:  SP4 Daniel Rothstein in water
December 30 2/14th Assaults enemy camp, kills 15 Viet Cong
January 6 Photo:  "Dragons" head for their choppeers
  Bravo Co. nabs 4 NVA near Oriental River
January 13 Photo:  Cpt. Wayne A. Downing watches medic at work
January 20 Bravo Co. soldier finds cache
  SP4 Dan Watkins points out VC warning sign
January 27 Photo:  Bravo Co. men watch rice harvest
  Photo:  PFC James Raver in tunnel entrance
February 24 Photo:  SP4 Paul Obholz and SP4 Don King
  Photo:  Cpt. Wilbur Corbitt and SP4 Patrick McMullen
  Photo:  Preparing to move in
  Photo:  SP4 Phillip Amsden with M-79
  Photo:  Bravo Co. soldiers engage enemy
March 10 Photo:  SP4 Williams Reams treats villagers at Duc Hoa
  2/14th Surgeon starts X-ray Program
March 17 2/14th pays for trip to American hospital for Vietnamese boy
March 31 "Dragons" and "Bobcats" crush 28 NVA in Ho Bo Woods
April 7 2/14th Takes to boats in Operation "Keelhaul"
  Operations with 2/34th Armor, 2/14th gets 12 NVA.
June 9 Large operation with Bobcats, 2/34th Armor
June 16 Photo:  PFC Richard Smith, SP4 James Cavaciuti of the heavy weapons platoon
  Working with scout dogs nets booby trap
June 16 Eagle flight with 116th Assault Helicopter Company gets 11 Viet Cong
  Story of 2/34th Armor at FSB Emory mentions 2/14th
  "Dragon" soldiers receive 30 medals
  Photo:  "Dragons" working with 2/34th Armor
June 30 Photo:  SP4 Don Peters takes a break for lunch
  "Bobcats" and "Dragons" kill 21 Viet Cong in Citadel
July 7 Bravo Co. fight, not light, hootch on fire
  Photos:  2/14th soldiers fight hootch fire
July 14 Charlie Co. kill 39 in Spider Web firefight
July 21 Follow-up story of Vietnamese boy sent to states by 2/14 for heart operation
  Photo:  Cpt. Richard Tessler and Vietnamese boy sent to states
August 4 "Dragons" and "Bobcats" get 47 in Viet Cong R&R camp
  Photo:  SP4 William Petruik and monkey
August 11 Operation "Nutcracker" yields 40 Viet Cong
  Photo:  Crossing stream near Cu Chi
  "Dragons" uncover tunnel full of fish
  Photo:  PFC Dan Zaldivar inspects cache of fish
August 18 2/14th Teams up with "Bobcats" and ARVNs near Trung Lap, get 22
  ARVNs learn from 2/14th at Phu Cuong bridge
  Photo:  Vietnamese musicians
  Search and cordon operation with Regional Forces at Phu Hoa
August 25 Photo:  SP4 Harold D. Ruff charges enemy position
  Recon platoon in operations near Trung Lap
  Photos:  2/14th in the rice paddies
September 1 2-man R&R in Cu Chi
  Photo:  SP4 Jeff Wilcox and Chester Chamgers talk with Doughnut Dollies
  Photos and story:  Pages 4-5 spread about 2/14th operations
  Enemy complex destroyed by 2/14th in Ho Bo Woods
September 8 Page 1 photos and story:  Ho Bo Woods operation nets 48 enemy
  Story about 2/49th ARVN Regiment mentions 2/14
  "Dragons" build swings at Trung An village
  Command Sergeant Major Charles M. Rutledge travels to 25th Association reunion
  Continuation of Page 1 story
September 15 Kit Carson scout catches six NVA and one Viet Cong
  Photos:  SSG William Talada, Sgt Charles Wilson
  Story of PFC Glyn Eatwell from South Wales - a "Dragon"
  Photo:  Glyn Eatwell with M-60
  "Dragon" ambushes get 15 Viet Cong
  Hole in the ground leads to cache of mortar rounds and medical supplies
September 22 Photo:  1Lt Charles R. Viola, SP4 Harold Gravely cross canal
  Weapons platoon retires mortar after 20,000 rounds
  Photo:  SP4 Gerald Anderson, PFC John Staige, SP4 Robert Redmond
  Photos:  PFC Lyle Thomason, observation tower at Patrol Base Hunsley
  B-52 Crew visits to see what its like on the gound
  Charlie Co. finds Viet Cong booby trap factory
  "Dragons" and ARVNs capture mortar-rocket officer
September 29 Alpha Co. and ARVNs get 36 NVA
  Security for downed chopper leads to NVA hideout
  2/14th soldiers skirt bomb crater
  Chieu Hoi leads troops to rocket cache
  Photo:  Delta Co. on the march
October 6 Photo:  PFC Lonnie Dempsey and Edward Clark back-to-back
  Golden Dragon wrecker just keeps on going
  Photo:  LTC Donald O. Crutchley takes command from LTC Constantine Blastos
  Photo:  SP4 Leonard Wilson in the water
October 13 Ho Bo Woods shootout gets 25 Viet Cong
  Photo:  PFC Clifford Guitbeault checks enemy hootch
  Photo:  View from chopper
  Night ambush attacks 30-man force
October 20 Re-Up NCO George F. Naze at work
  Photo:  SFC George F. Naze, PFC Robert Stiava
  Photo:  PFC Domingo Gomez cools off
  Photos and story:  Creature comforts at Patrol Base Hunsley
  "Dragons" perform at USARV finals
  Photo:  Bravo Co. waits for choppers
October 27 "Dragon" ambush downs 19 NVA
  2/14th Puts Viet Cong barber out of business
  Photo:  SP4 Sidney Ryan and Mike Lovell crossing canal
  Sweep ends in firefight for Bravo
November 3 Photo:  LTC Donaod O. Crutchley views cache
  "Dragons" helping villagers near Trung Lap
  Photos and story:  Page 4-5 spread of MEDCAP in Trung Lap
  FSB Patton gets showers
  12 Viet Cong fall to Delta Company in Ho Bo Woods
  Operations with 116th Assault Helicopter, 2/12th "White Warriors" get 47 NVA
November 10 Photos:  Shots of airborne choppers carrying 2/14th
  ARVNs and Charlie Co. get 17 Viet Cong in Ho Bo Woods
  Delta Co. action stirs up Viet Cong
  Hidden cache contains clothing and sewing machines
  Photo and story:  SSG Jon M. Davis joins Tropic Lightning Combat Honor Roll
  "Dragons" Supply team delivers the goods
  Photo:  SP4 Robeert L. Emery in waist deep water
November 17 All four line companies join to track down 30 Viet Cong
  NVA Laundry operations interrupted by Charlie Co.
November 24 Alpha Co. captures Russian battle flag, kills 14
  New technology lights up nights at Patrol Base Hunsley
December 1 Photos:  Destroying anti-tank mine
  NVA Shopping trip comes up empty
  Photo:  Alpha Co. in the field
  Story of 2/14th MEDCAP at Trung Lap
  Photo:  "Dragons" in the tall grass
December 8 "White Warriors" and "Dragons" team up in "Super Bush"
  "Dragons" C&C chopper coordinates destruction of 18 Viet Cong
  Continuation of "Super Bush" story
  Night ambush gets 10 Viet Cong and weapons
December 15 Bravo sweep nets 3 Viet Cong in Ho Bo Woods
  Photo:  Charlie Co. heads for choppers
December 22 Christmas in Vietnam for 2/14th soldiers
  Photo:  Mail room in Cu Chi
  Photo:  SP4 Mike Hastings talks to Santa
  Santa for "Dragons" is Cpt. Fletcher Wideman
December 29 Photo:  Alpha Co. waits for choppers
  Ambushes at "New Life Hamlet" kills 15 Viet Cong
January 5 Enemy cries "Come and get us" and Bravo does
  2/14 rebuilds school at Trung Lap
  Photo:  SP4 Bob Dunn and Angel Mendez install speakers
  Charlie Co. patrol cleans up after 116th Assault Helicopter Company gunships
January 12 Delta Co. overruns NVA standdown area
  Photos and story:  Page 4-5 spread of assault on NVA base
  Photo:  SP4 David Rozga relaxes
  Photos and story:  Page 7 spread of "Dragons" at Patrol Base Hunsley
  Photos:  Vice President Spiro T. Agnew with troops
January 19 Bac Ha Orphanage party hosted by 2/14th
  Story of 1/8th Artillery mentions 2/14th assist
  "Dragon's" destroys NVA bunker complex
January 26 Photo:  Choppers land to pick up "Dragons"
February 2 "Rocket Belt" patrols catch NVA off guard
February 9 History Lesson:  2/14th arrives on USNS Walker in '66
  British native Glyn Eatwell wants to be pilot
February 16 Working with ARVNs nets 20 Viet Cong
  "Dragon" loses camera in the field, but gets it back
  2/14th helps villages with clothing and cash donations
February 23 Bravo Co. bushmaster in Filhol Plantation
  Photo:  SP4 William Lovelace with M-60
March 9 Story of Kit Carson scout with Charlie Co.
  Photos and story:  Page 4-5 spread - search of swamps is messy, dangerous business
March 16 "Helmet on a stick" trick fools NVA in Angel's Wing
  Technology - Liquid Free Fall Container brings water to 'Dragons" in the field
  Photos and story:  Page 7 spread of "Bobcats" and "Dragons"
  Intelligence section coaxes Viet Cong to come over
  Photo:  2/14th VCI team at work
March 23 Photo:  SP4 Stehpen Colvey on break
March 30 2/14th Projectionist battles with unreliable equipment
April 6 Photo:  Lt. Col. Charles W. Norton takes command
  Charlie Co. sinks sampan, 5 Viet Cong
  Photo:  "Dragons" embark at Go Dau Ha
  Tango boats float "Dragons" into combat
April 13 Photo:  Cpt. Bennet Jones recovers water container
April 20 "Dragon" wears Buck Owens' old coat
  Ambush along Cambodian border gets 6 NVA
May 11 2/14th among units surpassing reenlistment goals
May 18 Photo:  Charlie Co. soldiers take a bath
May 25 2/14th Captures former "Wolfhounds" Kit Carson scout
  Photo:  Chaplain Joseph Dulany visits Charlie Co. in Cambodia
  Story about Chaplain Joseph P. Dulany
  Photo:  Jeepload of Cambodian refugees picked up by 2/14th
  Photos and story:  Page 4-5 spread of Cambodian operations, refugees
  Photo:  Charlie Co. men take a bath
June 1 2/14th and other units find caches in Cambodia
  Dragons find large Cambodian weapons cache
  Photos and story:  Page 7 spread of captured enemy photos
June 8 Photo:  Giant P-38 can opener
  2/14th Mentioned in story of Doughnut Dolly party night
June 15 Charlie Co. names "Hard Spot" after their First Sergeant
June 29 Photo:  Soldier wades through water
July 6 Photo and Story:  Delta finds NVA base in Cambodia
  Photo:  Cpt. Bennet Jones readies C-4 to destroy bunker
  2/14th Mentioned in story of Operation "Bold Lancer"
July 20 NVA Attack fire base, "Dragons" turn them back
  "Dragon" convoy ambushed, rolls on
  Sweep team captures two Viet Cong
July 27 Alert "Dragons" spot enemy, bring fire from the skies to kill three, capture two
  2/14th Aid station trains Vietnamese nurses
  Photo and Story:  2/14th does "review training" at Dau Tieng
August 3 Photo and Story:  2/14th MEDCAP helps villagers near Dau Tieng
August 31 Alpha Co. bushmaster kills six, uncovers bunker complex
  Claymore boobytrap kills NVA, four more wait to be captured
September 7 Alpha patrol retreats from ambush unharmed
September 21 Lt. Col. takes command of 2/14th from LTC Charles W. Norton, Jr.
September 28 Review of 2/14th action in Cambodia
Octobeer 12 2/14th MEDCAP stages rodeo for villagers
  Photo:  Delta Co. ambush waits for enemy
October 19 Photo:  Taking a swim
  Keeping clean in the jungle - bomb crater bath
October 26 Alpha Co. holding position intercepts NVA
November 2 Shake and Bake - A step up in responsibility
November 9 Photo and Story:  PFC Leroy Gas enjoys a cold beer after patrol
November 23 Photo and Story:  Alpha Co. mortar team wins inter-battalion shoot-out
  2/14th Provides security as FSB Simmons is built
November 30 2/14th Mentioned in review of unit history during Troop Redeployment


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